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    Thursday, 06 July 2017 06:00

    Four Four South Village

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    It is a military dependents’ village located opposite to Taipei 101 in Xinyi District. Due to urban development, only a portion of the village is conserved for usage of cultural and creative industry and exhibition. Besides Military Dependents’ Village Museum, visitors mostly come for Good Cho’s (好丘), a cafe featuring in its remained interior style of the village. No matter square table, cane chair, wooden cabinet or dinnerware used throughout many Taiwanese childhood, entering this place seems to bring us back to grandpa’s narrow but cozy home. Good Cho’s not only offers coffees and light meals, but also sells interesting local products, for instance, designer’s postcards, trendy t-shirts, tea, jams and indie music. It is an ideal option for sale representatives attending Taipei World Trade Center exhibition and office workers from Taipei 101 to catch some breath. In addition, it is an appealing stop-by for some rest and tea between watching sunset on Elephant Mountain and returning to downtown.

    Thursday, 06 July 2017 06:00

    The Whimsical Rainbow Village in Taichung

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    Unlike any other tourist who came to Taiwan, I came to experience the fast paced life in the urban jungle. Though of course, there were other main reasons why I was excited about visiting this island nation as I wanted to see Taipei 101 and feast on Taiwan’s delicious street food.

    Thursday, 06 July 2017 06:00

    A different MRT station in Kaohsiung

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    After we finally found Wu Pao Chun Bakery, we decided to shop and eat till we drop. We went to Shinkuchan (新堀江) to shop. It’s quite a good place to shop with many MIT (Made in Taiwan) and Korean fashion at affordable prices. After we are done with our shopping, we made a move to Urban Spotlight (城市光廊), Love (爱河) and finally to Liuhe night market (六合夜市) to satisfy our hunger.

    I’m not going to write about Liuhe night market here as I think there are already many guide books and blog entries on it. Instead, I want to talk about the MRT station that one gets off at to go to Liuhe night market – Formosa Boulevard station (美丽岛站).

    Those who are interested in visiting Penghu can now join a diving tour and marine walk/sea walker tour and send letters from the underwater mailbox!

    Taiwan’s only underwater post in its outlying Penghu County is put into service on Monday. Those who are interested in visiting Penghu can now join a diving tour and marine walk/sea walker tour and send letters from the underwater mailbox!

    A surprising list of top 10 attractions in Taiwan among Japanese tourists, and Taipei 101 did not make the cut!

    Japanese travel agency H.I.S. has just released the results of a survey of Japanese tourists on their favorite places to visit in Taiwan and Taipei 101 did not make the list, rather Japanese are choosing smaller, less famous sites to spend their time at. 

    Instead of the old standbys like Taipei 101, Chiang-kai Shek Memorial, and National Palace Museum, the Japan-based travel agency's online survey of 2,000 Japanese visitors favorite destinations in Taiwan found smaller "veterans villages" from the past and restaurants specializing in Taiwanese delicacies were more popular. 

    Thursday, 29 June 2017 14:36

    Budai Tourist Fish Market

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    Since the Chiayi County Fishermen's Association set up its tourist fish market, travelers can purchase all kinds of fresh and even live seafood in the direct sales center here and they can consume it on the spot, in the fish market's seafood restaurant.

    Thursday, 29 June 2017 14:27

    Alishan National Scenic Area

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    250 years ago, a chief of the Tsou tribe went hunting in a mountain and had great gains. In memory of the chief, the Tsou tribe named the Alishan. During the Japanese occupation, the Japanese chopped the forests and shipped the wood back to Japan. However, the deforestation had irritated the tree god that the Japanese set up a tower to worship the tree god.

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    Taipei common in the English spelling as Taipei It also reflects, is a metropolis on the River Danshui in the northern part of Taiwan and the capital of the Republic of China.


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